Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that can restore the tooth, alleviate pain, and prevent infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth. Endodontics is the branch of dental care that includes the study and treatment of the tooth pulp and nerves. Our caring dentists may recommend a root canal in Bossier City, Louisiana, if the pulp and nerves of your tooth is infected or inflamed, or if the tooth is chipped, seriously decayed, extremely sensitive, or significantly damaged. To learn more and make your appointment with Dr. Stephen Hooper, Dr. Stephen Tyer or Dr. Christopher Hooper, please contact Hooper Family Dentistry.

Root canal therapy generally requires one or two visits to our comfortable dental office. During a root canal, our dentists will numb the tooth with local anesthetic, make a small opening in the tooth, and remove the infected and decayed dental pulp, tooth nerves, and other tissues. The tooth is then filled with a medicated material and sealed with a dental filling or, in most cases, a dental crown. The dental crown will protect the tooth and restore its structure and shape. You may experience some soreness after the treatment, but this usually subsides quickly.

We invite you to contact our practice today to learn more about root canal therapy and endodontics. We are committed to improving your dental health.