Does Sleep Apnea Run in Your Family?

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Sleep apnea is a varied sleeping disorder that is caused by interrupted breathing patterns while a person sleeps. One form, obstructive sleep apnea, is caused by an obstruction of the breathing airway. Another, central sleep apnea, occurs when signals from the brain sent to the breathing muscles in the chest telling it to take a breath, are not properly received. To protect yourself from the danger so sleep apnea, it is important to know its causes.

Does sleep apnea run in your family? The causes of sleep apnea include:

– As with many health disorders, you may be at a greater risk for sleep apnea based on your genetics and family history of the disorder.
– As you age, you become more disposed to sleep apnea disorder.
– Sleep apnea disorder can be the result of an irregular-sized section of your body, including oversized tonsils, a large tongue, or a small jaw.
– Although oral health disorders can befall anyone, they are usually most common in men.
– Your chances of sleep apnea can be increased if you are often the victim of sinus problems or nasal allergies.
– Nasal blockages and obstructions, including a deviated septum, can raise your chances of developing sleep apnea.

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