Healthy Foods for Healthy Smiles

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You brush your teeth, twice a day. You floss daily. You visit Dr. Stephen Hooper or your dental provider regularly. What else can you do to have excellent oral health? Here’s what: try integrating more of these tooth-healthy foods into your diet!

Fruits and Veggies: Yummy fruits and vegetables will not only make you smile at their deliciousness, but even cause your smile itself to be better quality. Apples, quince, carrots, celery, and other fruits and veggies are high in fiber. They help your mouth produce saliva, which is the mouth’s first line of defense against cavity-causing bacteria. These foods also clean your teeth by scraping away bad bacteria from your teeth. And if that weren’t enough, fruits and veggies contain high amounts of vitamins A and C, both of which enhance the health of your gums.

Cheese, please!: Cheese contains calcium and protein, which can strengthen your tooth enamel and help avert dental issues. Cheese can also raise the pH level of your mouth as well as lower your risk of tooth decay.

Yogurt: Like cheese, yogurt contains calcium and protein. These substances strengthen the tooth enamel. Yogurt also has probiotics. This good bacteria can push cavity-causing bacteria out of your mouth, helping you avoid cavities and other dental emergencies.

Talk to your dentist at Hooper Family Dentistry for more foods that can help give you a stronger smile! And don’t forget your regular dental cleanings! Call us today at 318-742-2272 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!