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Do you tend to grind your teeth? If so, it’s best to stop the habit. Teeth grinding in Bossier City, Louisiana, can harm your oral health more than you might realize. It can crack, fracture, and wear down your teeth, and it can also alter the health of your jaw. To help you stop the habit, our Hooper Family Dentistry team recommends doing the following things:

Reduce your stress: Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by stressed, which is why it’s best to try and relax as much as possible. Try exercising, attending stress counseling, seeing a physical therapist, or taking relaxation medication.

Wear a mouthguard: Your dentist can offer a custom-made mouthguard to you so you can protect your teeth. If you wear the guard, your teeth won’t touch, which means that they won’t harm or damage each other.

Adjust your lifestyle: There are some things you can change in your everyday life to stop the habit, like cut back on caffeinated drinks, avoid alcohol, try relaxation techniques, and avoid clenching your jaw.

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