The Early Symptoms of Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer is a topic that many are familiar with. We know certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, can lead to contracting it. Not many know that oral cancer can happen anywhere in the mouth, including lips, tongue, and the cheek.

It’s good to know that there are several early warning signs that a person may have oral cancer. Knowing what they are can help you quickly identify oral cancer before it spreads. Often, oral cancer can feel like a canker sore that refuses to fade. Also, you may notice lumps in your mouth, including the gums and lips. Other signs of oral cancer include: red or white patches, bad breath, unexplained bleeding from your mouth, weight loss, and trouble speaking or chewing are common symptoms. You may also experience a sore throat, pain in your ear, or a change in your voice.

The best method for finding oral cancer early in is by scheduling regular appointments for dental cleanings. There are signs that you may miss that your dentists, Drs. Hooper and Hooper, will be sure to notice during your check-up. After your cleaning is finished, they will inspect the mouth for anything out of the ordinary by using either a glove, special light, or dye.

If something is found, it may not necessarily be cancer-related. Tests will be performed on the issue, and you will be advised on what you should do for treatment.

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